How to Plan for a New Year

For every New Year, you will be surprised to know that very few people are prepared for the coming year. What many plans is a New Year resolution.

In this post, we share on how to plan for New Years and hope it help put you on track to get the best out of every New Year.

One of the greatest reasons for frustration in many people’s life, both married and unmarried is that they create a strain on their finances, relationships, and their lives in general.

It’s high time we start looking into ourselves and adjust what we can correct. And that’s the primary reason for this post.

There is always something to start doing, there is always something to stop doing and there is always something to continue doing.

Identify the things to stop doing. As you move and advance into a new year, regardless of the country’s situation, prioritize your personal life situation.


Make a list; what are those things that are hindering you? Procrastination, laziness, laid back, indiscipline? Note it.

And then what are the things to start doing?

This is why you should have people who you can consider as mentors because their result is nothing different from their habits.

Everyone you see that is doing well has software inside of them, the best you can do for yourself is to take that and install it into yourself.

There is always something to continue doing. Things that you are doing that are very good, continue to do them.

Success is not accidental, it is intentional.

It is a product of intentional moves and steps.

Five critical questions you need to ask yourself every time. These five question is what is used in developing strategy.

These questions are what you should ask to develop a strategy of action for improving each aspect of your life. And they are:

     1. Where am I?

The first and a critical question because it deals with location.

Just like using the Google Map, it finds your current location before it maps out your journey. In the same way, you need to know where you are first.

In this level, you need to ask yourself a lot of important questions.

Questions relating to each aspect of your life.

Are you single? Are you broke? Your level of education? What’s your spiritual life like?

 2. Where am I going?

If you don’t know where you are going, when you get there you won’t even know.

Many people are easily distracted because they don’t know where they are going. No clarity of purpose. No sense of direction.

They enter into a relationship for the wrong reasons, marry for the wrong reasons, work for a wrong reason and things are not making any difference.

That’s why it is important to do a comprehensive review of all the things you do.

 3. How do I get there?

When you are going to a particular destination, you choose how you wish to go there.

The route you have chosen to take.

Do you go by air or by rail or by road or by water?

As far as you get to your destination.

   4. What resources do I need to get there?

The question ‘How do you get there?’ will lead you to identify the resources that will help you to get there.

For example, you are going to Abuja, you have several options on how to get there, either by Air, Road, or Railway.

The moment you decide which of these channels you will use, then the vehicle/resources needed will be the next thing to decide on. An Airplane, A Motorcycle, or a Train?

 5. When I finally get there, how do I maintain/retain/sustain it?

So, when you finally get there, how do you maintain it?

What are the things to continue doing to maintain the dream?

What skills do you need to maintain this new level?

What habits do you need to cultivate or stop?

All these five questions are critical for the six areas of your life.

Every year is a spectacular year and you don’t want to be a spectator.

We mentioned earlier about the areas of your life you need to plan for using the above questions. These areas are:

  1. Spiritual Life
  2. Family and Relationship
  3. Education and Personal Development
  4. Career or Business
  5. Finance and Investment
  6. Health

For example, if you take your Financial life, you will ask; where am I?

If by any chance, I lose my job today, is there a back-up plan for my family to live on in the next 6 months?

Sincerely ask yourself these questions. When you do, you should not judge yourself but improve yourself.

You cannot change what has happened, but you can change what will happen.

Be honest.

The worst form of deception is personal deception. Everybody can deceive you but don’t deceive yourself.

Be truthful to yourself.



Please share your views in the comment section.

What do you plan to do differently this year?

And what do you plan to continue doing?

We will love to hear from you.

Always be your Best!



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