BELIEVE by Oladipupo Clement

The Foundation

This is extremely important as it applies to all areas of life. I am yet to meet anyone who made it big in any endeavour who never believed.

Unfortunately, one of the things that have happened in our culture is that a lot of us were talked down while growing and that, in turn, damaged our esteem.

Most of us grew up never believing in ourselves. The belief we had was that we were worthless, that we will not amount to anything. These were the regular vocabulary we were raised with.

I remember living in a particular area one time where a mother rain curses on her children and you just have to wonder if she’s the one who gave birth to them.

But the truth of the matter is, hurting people hurt others. They don’t know better cause that’s the way they have been raised. What else will they share?

And the offspring continue in that similar pattern as a result of the words that were spoken into their lives. So, they continue to experience similar frustration and they assume that it is normal.

In the same way, there are people who are Christians, they go to church, engage in all religious activities but in the bid to discipline their children they knock down their confidence. They trample on their level of confidence.

People who had so much talent, who God designed as an asset to their generation, they end up being timid, extremely timid. As a result, it affected the way they believe in themselves.

My Experience

I attended a therapy course last year, very inspiring.

One of the things we were taught to do; like an experiment carried out in the class. We were asked to praise ourselves for three minutes.

We all started on what seemed like a good note: I’m good, I’m great, I’m awesome, I’m marvellous, I’m excellent, etc. and after a while, there was nothing to say.

We basically ran out of words in a few seconds.

It was so obvious!

Myself inclusive!

The Current Issue

Now, this further shows that we were not raised to celebrate ourselves.

We confuse timidity for humility and see confidence as pride.

That’s why when people with poor self-esteem see people who are self-confident, who have positive self-esteem, they say the ones with positive self-esteem are too proud.
I believe you have heard that once or several times?

All these have made us lose the sense of belief in ourselves and which has messed up nearly all areas of our lives. Including the one that is supposed to bring money to us.

True Story

Let me share a quick story of a very good friend.

Let’s say my friend’s name is Emma.

Emma worked in ‘A Bank’ which was later acquired by ‘B Bank’. As a result, Emma went to ‘C Bank’, stayed there for a while and applied for a job in ‘D Bank’.

On the day of the interview at ‘D Bank’, as soon as Emma entered into the door, before facing the interview panel, Emma could hear the panellist analysis; the clothing, the age, everything about Emma seem to be wrong, according to them.

Emma’s self-confidence was washed down to the minimum.

Let me chip this in at this moment. It is better to be flogged by an object than to be flogged with words.

I encouraged Emma with the words I could gather.

Now, this is where the story becomes interesting.

Emma didn’t get the job at ‘D Bank’ (D Bank was known back then as one of the high paying banks in the country) but later applied and got a job in ‘E Bank’.

In later years, ‘E Bank’ acquired ‘D Bank’. So, if Emma had gotten the job at ‘D bank’, it wouldn’t last as a lot of people who were in ‘D Bank’ at the time of acquisition was not integrated into ‘E Bank’ who acquired it.

Way Out

To cut a long story short, anything that attacks your belief in yourself is attacking your wealth.

Belief is so fundamental, especially to those of us who are still young and are hoping to raise a family.

Anything that attacks your belief in yourself will finish you.

This is exactly what I admonish: Never go to a place where you are not appreciated, where they don’t value you.

You are too valuable!

You are an asset!

Don’t go like someone who’s a victim!

Every time you show up, you make known!

You don’t beg to apply! As to what?

Humility is not stupidity.

Humility is not timidity.

I used to be a very timid person and it rubbed off on me, mercilessly! By so doing, I lost several opportunities.

That’s why I say, be mindful of the relationship/company you keep. Be mindful of the content you feed yourself with.

Believing in yourself is one of the fundamental keys to making it big in life.

What To Believe In

Another layer of belief we all need is believe in God.

When your relationship with God is intact, it impacts your relationship with people. So, when you say you love God, it shows in the way you deal with other people.

Believe in God.

You need it.

A lot of people fail in life and business because they consider seeing before believing.

If you want to make it big in any area of your life, you must believe first before you start seeing it.

In conclusion

Look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate yourself.

Celebrate yourself.

There’s a connection between your self-esteem and your wealth.

I have never seen anybody who creates wealth meaningfully who never worked on their self-esteem.

The wealth has come.

But do you believe in yourself?

Do you believe you qualify for it?

Do you believe you deserve it?

Do you think that wealth is the exclusive preserve of some select few?

And you are not one of them?

Believe in yourself! Very important.

While you are at it, believe in your product. You cannot consult people what you don’t believe in.

It is easy to sell what you already have and believe in.

And very importantly also, believe in people, cause in it, also lies your wealth.

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  1. David Uchegbu October 15, 2018 at 9:17 am

    Very Interesting and inspiring piece. No better way to start a Monday!

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    Great thought.

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    I believe!

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