6 Truths about Real Estate

You don’t get rich to acquire Real Estate rather you acquire Real Estate to become rich.

For every 10 wealthy people you know, 9.5 of them has a significant investment in real estate. Don’t ask us who the .5 is. Lol

So, to be rich you must take deliberate steps to invest in Real Estate.

You may ask, ‘What if it is a bush?’

Well, a city today was a bush yesterday and a bush today will certainly be a city tomorrow.

And we believe that’s why it is called REAL Estate. You know how things in their REAL forms look like, right?

So! There are certain truths about real estate that many don’t know and in creating wealth these truths are necessary to equip yourself.

  1. Reliable Wealth Creation.

We call it Prosperity-made-easy.

In the world of finance, we talk about the vehicle of wealth creation and that means there is a vehicle that takes you from your present financial situation to your desired financial destination.

For example, you are going from Lagos to Abuja, you can choose to walk (yeah! Someone did that some time ago), but it will take you a long while. You can also decide to drive but it will take a long while too.

However, a man that flies by plane to Abuja will get there faster.

Now the reason the man that flies will get there faster is not that he is more intelligent, or he has a godfather, or fortune smiled on him but because he chose the right vehicle.

So, for you to get to your desired financial destination, in good time, you need to choose the right vehicle.

One of the best vehicles you can choose is Real Estate.

There is financial power in Real Estate.

  1. Reliable Wealth Retention and Preservation.

The Stock market can crash, a business can go bankrupt but real estate seldom crashes especially in a cash ‘n’ carry economy like ours in Nigeria.

Real estate is extremely durable and can build multi-generational wealth but unlike other investments that have fixed maturities, there is no fixed maturity for a Real Estate investment. You can sell it in a few days if you see a good opportunity or hold for decades, it will yield a great return on investment.

  1. Appreciates without much effort on the buyer.

Nowadays, most people all over the world venture into Real Estate due to its high record of ROI.

It is called ‘using money to make money’ because what you cultivate is what will produce something significant for you to harvest.

With Real Estate, you could invest a certain amount of money and it will start working to gain a return in the future. At this point, your physical presence is not important.

You can go to sleep while your money works for you.

  1. Lifetime Value.

Technology can only enhance Real Estate. It can’t replace Real Estate. There will never come a time when people will go so virtual that they will sleep on their website or portal.

Invest in Real Estate and go to sleep and you are sure of a return on investment and increase in value.

  1. Location Matters.

Location is one of the important aspects of real estate investments; a piece of real estate can perform very differently among countries, regions, cities and even within the same city.

These regional differences need to be considered when making an investment because your selection of which market to invest in has a large impact on your eventual returns as your choice of property within the market.

  1. Incremental Possibilities

Land may not increase in size but as the population continues to explode, the value continues to increase at a geometric progression.

It is not all about the size of the land, it is more about the property and the demand in any particular area or location.

In a nutshell, it is all about supply and demand.

If you as an investor buys a property that is in low supply you have a great potential growth asset.
Like our Zeder Pavilion Estate beside Lakowe Lakes and Resort in limited offer. Two years from now, the growth of that estate will be geometric.

In summary, if your preferred location is not within your reach now, simply buy the place with huge future prospects. Think positively and plan strategically to invest in Real Estate.

What questions can you get from this content?

Questions that when answered correctly can aid your buying decisions?

Share them in the comment section and let’s learn.

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